Utah Bride and Groom interviewed me for their magazine. This is a transcript of that interview.

What's the most common question you get asked by couples? How do you answer?

Are you “DJ Pauly D” from MTV’s Jersey Shore?  (laughs)  I love the east coast, but I’m a midwest kid at heart.  I love music, and at age 15, I started my first on-air job in radio.  When I graduated from high school, I bounced around doing radio and morning shows in Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Illinois and Utah.  Everywhere I went, I’d set up a station-sponsored DJ company and do weddings and events on the weekends.  I transitioned into nightclubs and making my own DJ remixes in the mid 90s.  That’s where “DJPauly” came from!  When I moved to Utah, I continued to do production and voiceover work for several local stations and, eventually, started DJPauly Entertainment.

What should couples ask every DJ they interview?

Have you had any formal MC or DJ Training?  There are so many DJs out there, because it’s a fun job and the cost of entry is so low.  Anybody can buy a laptop and some big speakers and call themselves a “Wedding DJ”.  But a true Master of Ceremonies will do so much more than play your favorite jams.  Make sure your DJ has enough training and/or real event experience, to read and truly engage with your guests.  Request a meeting or video chat with them before you book, to see if they’ll be a good fit personality wise.  Quiz them on your favorite music styles, ask them if they’ve attended any DJ conventions or had any formal MC training.

What would be your dream wedding to DJ?

To be honest, I do a “dream wedding” pretty much every weekend! (laughs)  I love meeting and helping my couples create their own unique dream weddings.  My specialty is destination weddings, where couples plan their wedding from another state.  My goal is to deliver a fun, personalized and stress-free wedding that your family and friends will never forget!  I call it “The DJPauly Experience.”  Sometimes it’s a surprise toast from a best man or grandparent who couldn’t be there.  Sometimes it’s sharing the couples’ love story as part of their grand entrance.  It’s all about creating memories and going above and beyond to give my couples the wedding they’ve always dreamed of!

What are your favorite venues?

Wherever you’re getting married!  (laughs)  Seriously, there’s so many amazing venues here in our beautiful state.  I love working with Faith & Kirby at Log Haven in Millcreek Canyon.  I’ve also performed some amazing weddings with the good folks at Blue Sky Ranch in Wanship, Deer Valley, Millcreek Inn, Grand America, Solitude, Snowbird, Red Butte Garden, etc.  I personally got married up at Red Pine Lodge in Park City-Canyons Village, so that venue has a lot of great memories for me.  My favorite new venue is a coin toss between River Bottoms Ranch in Midway and Snowpine Lodge in Alta. I’m looking forward to performing weddings at each of these venues in 2020!

Anything else, couples need to know about you??

I am also an award winning, full-time, licensed and insured professional wedding MC and DJ who consistently delivers a high quality, personalized and memorable experience at each one of my events.  There’s a reason why all the local ski resorts, downtown hotels, high end wedding planners, photographers, etc. refer me to their clients who want quality!  And we don’t use sub-contractors or book 5-6-10 weddings on any given Saturday, so I can give you my undivided attention, time, creativity and planning resources in the weeks leading up to your big day!